This multimedia Computer Based Training (CBT) course has been specifically designed for pilots wishing to study for the EASA ATPL syllabus. It covers all aspects, including basic geometry of the earth and astronomy, defining and finding direction, use of the Navigation Computer, elementary VFR navigation, map-reading, examination of the properties of different types of chart, time, and Grid Navigation. Specifically, there are lessons on the main characteristics and uses of the Mercator, the Lambert Conic Conformal, the Polar Stereographic and the Transverse and Mercator charts. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy's highly experienced ground instructors have combined forces with CAE Oxford Interactive Learning's graphics specialists to focus on those topics most relevant to the ATPL examination, and the result is a series of lessons featuring clear explanations combined with effective graphics and animations, in order to provide an easier and more enjoyable form of study.

In order to assist students in their preparation for the ATPL examination, this course includes a large number of EASA ATPL-style questions and answers.

Please note: Our online CBT content has not been updated to reflect current EASA Syllabus Learning Objectives 


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