CBT for Mobile / Tablets

We have stopped producing CD-ROMs and now only offer our CBTs as an online subscription. See here for more details of the online CBT.

Our legacy CBTs were produced as Flash or Shockwave files and required the appropriate browser plugins to be viewed. To remove reliance on these plugins, and to increase device / browser support, we are in the process of re-authoring all of our CBTs. The new CBTs are created in HTML and require no 3rd party plugins to run. All that you do need is any HTML5 browser which is capable of rendering mp3 audio and mp4 video.


The following CBTs are now delivered as HTML:

  • ATPL
    • Air Law
    • Aircraft Performance
    • Human Performance
    • Meteorology
  • Communications
    • VFR UK Supplement
    • IFR RT Communications
  • PPL
    • Air law and Operational Procedures
    • Human Performance and Limitations
    • Navigation and Radio Aids
    • Meteorology
    • Aircraft General and Principles of Flight
    • Flight Performance and Mass & Balance

Tested Browsers

We have tested the following devices / browsers. If you have any other device and/or browser, please try the demo for XXX.

  • Windows
    • Edge
    • Internet Explorer 9,10,11
    • Chrome 50.0
    • Firefox 42
  • Android
    • Chrome 48.0
  • iOS
    • Chrome
    • Safari 9

A Note on Autoplay

To make your CBT viewing as seamless as possible we set embedded audio and video to autoplay when a page loads. Many mobile devices will not allow any media to autoplay, so you may need to click a play button on each page with audio or video.

In Chrome on Android you can remove this restriction by going to chrome://flags and enable the setting Disable gesture requirement for media playback.